services I can provide

These are some of the services Trond Husø can provide.

News technology

With more than 20 years background from Norwegian media I have gathered great knowledge of media and technologies. Since 2007 I worked at the IT department at the Norwegian News Agency (NTB) where I developed solutions to make life easier for journalists. I am also an IPTC individual member. If you want an installation and simple configuration of the professional CMS-system Superdesk, get in touch.

Sports data expert

I have been part of the team who developed the IPTC standard SportsML. I also created different sports data system at NTB, one which received and distributed sports results from the Olympic Games.

Web devlopment

I have created different web solutions for clients since the late 1990s. Anything from simple websites to advanced intranet-systems.

Systems development

I have designed systems for clients to distribute documents and publish information. Anything from simple file moving to ingesting data.

Documentation writing

With a background as a journalist since late 1990 until 2010, I do know how to write. I can produce documentation in any format you prefer.

Graphic design

I collaborate with different designers and artists. If you have a design assignment, get in touch and I will forward you to any of my contacts.


As a former press photographer I can aid you with photos most of your need. Get in touch.