Links to tools I use

Links to tools or technologies I use.


PHP is the most commonly used programming language to create websites. It is defined as a scripting language. This means you don't compile it (create binary executable) which makes it easy to correct possible errors. PHP is used by many of the most popular websites out there.


Microsoft launched .Net many years ago. It means you can write software in either C# or Visual Basic which will share the same libraries and tools. In 2014 Microsoft open sourced .Net and also made it possible to write software with the framework on Linux and Mac. I can make websites and software to run on desktops, laptops and servers with .Net.


Laravel is a PHP Web development framework that helps you create great web solutions. I landed on using this after spending time trying to create my own. No need to reinvent the wheel.


International Press Telecommunications Council is a standards body focusing on creating technologies for the media market. IPTC has created standards like NITF, NewsMLG2, ninJS and SportsML just to name a few.


My favorite javascript-framework. Old as internet itself and makes javascript-coding easier.


This amazing css and javascript framework from the guys at Twitter is just plainly fantastic. Makes creating responsive websites easy.

PHP Storm

I have tried a lot of different PHP IDEs in the past. But when I learned of PHP Storm, I stopped looking. This one is just great.


When it comes to version control I am sticking to git and gitlab. Two important tools when developing

To keep track of tasks and bugs I use It's like JIRA.